Do you know that Walmart offers paid leave to its employees? To avail of it, all you have to do is dial Walmart’s call-out number which is 1-800-775-5944, and inform your manager and supervisor beforehand.

Walmart Call out Number for Sick Person at Walmart in 2024

Walmart isn’t just widely renowned for selling quality goods but they also provide various other services. Such examples are Walmart’s check cashing feature, money card, cashback option, auto-services, and pharmacy as well. 

Similarly, this store makes its employees happy by providing paid leave via Walmart call in number. But there are some eligibility criteria and rules for it. Read this blog to know in detail how to call out Walmart.

Walmart Call Out Number Explained?

Walmart Call Out Number

As an employee at Walmart, you should know about Walmart’s callout number. This number lets you inform your store that you will be late for your shift because of certain emergencies such as accidents or emergency sickness.

Walmart’s call-out number for associates is 1-800-775-5944. You can call them any weekday between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Moreover, on Saturdays, you can give them a call between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, lines remain closed on Sundays.

How to Call Out Walmart In Case of Sickness?

One of the easiest ways to do it is through the phone. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn the process of how to call out of Walmart using the Walmart call off number for employees.

  • Dial 1-800-775-5944 to reach the Walmart Associates Information Line.
  • Select the Walmart option to report an absence.
  • Give your Walmart ID number.
  • Give your store number and date of birth.
  • Await their approval of your leave after providing your WIN (Walmart Identification Number) and other pertinent information.
  • You will receive a confirmation number (which is distinct from your store number) if Walmart approves your request to call in sick.
  • To ensure that you don’t lose your confirmation number, write it down or store it somewhere.
  • Tell your coworkers that you were able to call in sick at Walmart by making a call to the store number where you work.
  • If your store’s management requires confirmation, you can provide it.
  • You might need to bring in a doctor’s letter if you call in sick to receive medical attention.

By now, you must have understood how to call out of Walmart and take a day off, next let’s dig deeper into the topic of how to execute “Walmart report an absence” using an app or employee portal in detail.

How to Execute Walmart Report an Absence Using App or Employee Portal?

If you have tried to call at the Walmart call out number and the line is busy, you can take a leave from the OneWalmart’s Report an Absence page. To do this, just keep your WIN Number handy.

Here’s how you use OneWalmart to report sickness at Walmart.

  • Make sure you have an employee account with OneWalmart.
  • Select the WORK tab.
  • Select Report an Absence, located in the third block in the upper right corner.
    Report an Absence Tab
  • Sign In by entering your User ID, Country, and Location. 
    Sign In Option
  • Put in your name, WIN, and the address of the Walmart shop.
  • Choose Tardy/Absent.
  • Select Today or Tomorrow.
  • Justify your want to report unwell to Walmart.
  • When you phone in sick at Walmart, you will receive a confirmation number.

Onewalmart report an absence would be considered complete only if you receive a confirmation number on your email or the contact number provided.

How to Call Walmart Call Out Number Without WIN Number?

Are you someone who does not possess a WIN Number yet? No, worries, you can still report an absence. 

To report an absence from Walmart without using your Walmart ID number, simply get in touch with the management of your local shop. This will help you avoid interfering with your attendance records.

If you are unsure of your WIN, you can speak with your manager directly by calling your local branch. Try searching for the Walmart branch number you need online if you are unsure of how to get in touch with your employer. Moreover, it is a good method of conveying about your sickness when Walmart call out line is busy or out of reach.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Sedgwick. This outside administrator is in charge of Walmart’s leave of absence policy. They offer a practical way to record absences and manage time-off requests.

Walmart advises reporting absenteeism three hours or more before starting work. If at all feasible, report sick a day ahead of time to assist your manager in navigating your absence.

Leave Rule and Policies of Walmart 

As you have gained knowledge on how the Walmart call out number works, now it’s time to learn about Walmart’s rules and policies inculcating its leave policies, the number of absences allowed, and how to report it.

Who is Eligible for Intermittent Leave at Walmart?

All full-time hourly colleagues who have worked at Walmart for more than a year are eligible for paid sick leave.

Nonetheless, assemblies are covered in several areas by state insurance. Walmart’s short-term disability insurance covers major medical illnesses as well as other crises. It also provides payments under short-term disability insurance.

How Many Sick Days Are Allowed at Walmart?

According to Walmart’s calling-in sick policy, if you appropriately report your absence, the firm will pay up to three sick days.

Following the initial three days, get in touch with Sedgwick.

You will lose one point if you call ahead of your scheduled sick days. If you are absent for just half a day, you will lose half a point.

Walmart will take away two points for a full day and one point for a half day if you forget to make a sick call.

Walmart locations deduct double points on dates such as holidays and other noteworthy days as determined by the store manager.

Calling in before your shift starts, or more than three hours beforehand, is a good way to avoid losing warning points—calling in sick outside of regular business hours.

Read Walmart’s policy regarding leaves of absence. It provides three different kinds of leave of absence options for its employees.

  • FMLA Leave: You can take time from work in response to certain family medical conditions or illnesses under the Family and Medical Leave Act. If a Walmart employee has worked for 12 months or at least, 1250 hours before requesting a leave of absence, they are qualified for FMLA leave.
  • Personal Leave: Walmart employees can take personal leave for many acceptable causes.
  • Military Leave: Active duty members and those serving in the armed forces are eligible for military leave. Walmart also takes afterpay, so if your military pay is less than what you get from them, they will make up the difference.

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How Many Leave Occurrences Are Allowed at Walmart?

Eligible employees, with or without WIN, are only permitted a maximum of five absences for six months, according to Walmart’s official declaration of absences.

Only five penalty points are permitted to you. You will forfeit two penalty points if you do not use Walmart’s automated phone system or get in touch with your manager to request an official leave of absence.

Based on your points, you can have the following number of absences.

  • Five reported absences: Five points are awarded, one point for each of the five recorded absences.
  • One reported absence and two unreported absences: 5 points overall due to the two unreported absences (four points each) and one reported absence (one point).
  • Three reported absences and one unreported absence: Equals five points, with two points awarded for the unreported absence (2) and one point for each further unreported absence (3).
  • Ten half-days: Five total points, or half a point for each half-day (5).
  • Four half-days, one unreported absence, and one reported absence: 5 points overall for each of the following: 1 point for the reported absence, 2 points for the unreported absence, and 1/2 point for each of the four half-days.

To safeguard yourself from the penalties imposed by this store, regularly keep a check on your points.

How to Save Yourself from Missing Out on Points When Calling Walmart Call in Sick Number?

There is no method to prevent losing points when you call in ill, according to their sick leave regulations.

To avoid warning points, Walmart employees are required to report unwell at least three hours in advance. Calling 1-800-775-5944 is how employees report missing work due to illness or injury. 

You must include your date of birth, store number, and WIN number when reporting unwell. Sick pay and intermittent leave are benefits that are available to qualified associates.

Difference Between Walmart Call in Sick Number and Walmart Call Out Number

As the digital landscape is evolving people have become more dependent on the internet for finding information and for finding contact numbers people have begun depending on the internet.

It is difficult to filter the correct information because many people have reported online that they are unable to obtain a Walmart call-in number, or that the number they do have is invalid.

As an employee of this retail store, you should be aware of all the possible numbers of the stores, especially, Walmart call out numbers for associates.

Walmart associates contact numbers are also called Walmart call in sick number and Attendance Hotline Number. But the main takeaway here is that the Attendance number, 1-800-775-5944, is only for associates to report if they are sick for a few days or will be late for their shift.

The Bottom Line

Simply dial 1-800-775-5944, Walmart’s call out sick number, to report sickness. Get ready with your date of birth, your Walmart ID number, and the store number where you work before you make the call.

You shouldn’t have any problems calling in ill as long as you follow the correct rules. 

Employees must provide a minimum of three hours’ notice before reporting sick. The purpose of this policy is to provide Walmart with adequate time to locate a suitable replacement for you. This regulation is required, even if it might occasionally be uncomfortable. Walmart depends on its staff to deliver superior customer service.

So, try to report sickness as soon as possible if you have to. Your manager will have more time to create other plans for your shift as a result.


Ans: 1-800-775-5944 is the Walmart associate call-in number. Earlier it had two numbers, of which one is invalid now.

Ans: Walmart attendance line is valid on all weekdays and on weekends it is available on only Saturdays between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. And is not available on Sundays.

Ans: Regardless of how many PPTO hours you have left, you will receive two warning points for failing to report, or for reporting just after the shift has started.

Ans: In six months, if you get too many points, Walmart might terminate you. Rather than asking for more leaves, try to request your manager for fewer working hours and explain your situation properly to your manager.

Ans: It is contingent upon the circumstances and Walmart’s policies. If you go missing for a few days without properly requesting time off, you could lose your job at Walmart.



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