Welcome to the Probabs Privacy Policy page, we appreciate you choosing us! 

When you continue the use of our site, you are agreeing to follow our privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions. This privacy policy is meant for those users who want to know how their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is handled as well as used by our website.

In the subsequent sections, we have described in detail how Probabs collect, use, and protect your data. 

What Data Do We Collect?

When you initially sign up with us, we ask you to provide us with several details. Such as email, address, email address, and phone number, we only use these details to elevate the user experience

When Do We Collect Information?

Probabs gathers your information when you subscribe to their newsletter, sign up for their website, place an order with us, or fill out an online form that is available for users.

How Do We Use Your Data?

You are already aware that we collect your information when you fill out an online survey, register with us, surf our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or while you are browsing other websites.

Our main purpose behind collecting all the information is:

  1. To make you aware of new articles on our website.
  2. To serve you with an amazing website, to elevate your user experience.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

Our team keeps frequent checks on all the vulnerabilities, security loopholes, and threats. As soon as they appear, they can also be diminished by following the Malware Scanning Procedure. 

Your data is safely kept behind the wall of encrypted security networks and can be accessed by a very limited number of people with certain special rights and acquire credentials to access it. 

There are several security methods we use when you surf the website or access any website using any feature using your personal information. Hence, we put a lot of effort into maintaining the security and data safety of all our users.

Use of Cookies

We do use your cookies to elevate your user experience. A cookie is a little file provided by a site or service provider to the computer’s hard drive through the browser.

Used by understanding the preferences of the user, and identifying their previous behavior on the internet. Cookies are used to fetch data related to the website’s traffic and user interaction so that the website can add more tools and features to make itself more interactive. 

You have the choice to turn off cookies, by going to the settings of your browser. On disabling these cookies, some of the features may also get disabled, which can affect your user experience on the website.

Third Party Disclosure

Probabs do not trade, sell, or transfer your PII unless we notify you. This does not apply to the website hosting partners and parties helping us to operate and manage the website. Nevertheless, these parties adhere to the privacy norms and keep your information confidential in a promising manner. 

We do share information when it is appropriate as per the laws and policies enforced on our website. Also, those times when it is required to release information to protect our rights, property as well as safety. Whereas all the non-personal is shared for the purpose of marketing and advertising. 

Fair Information Practices

These principles are the most essential element of privacy law in the United States. Further, this plays a significant role in ensuring the protection of data across the world. It’s necessary to understand and comply with the privacy laws under the banner of Fair Information Practices Principles.

We follow these practices by taking necessary actions like:

  • Probabs pledges to follow the users via email whenever a data breach occurs within 7 days.

Other than this, we also follow the redress principle that determines the rights of individuals to take legal action against data collectors or processors who can’t comply with the law. This ensures the rights of users, as well as offers legal ways for courts and government agencies to users so they can pursue the investigation or legal takings.


This act is basically a suite of rules and laws for commercial emailing, requirements of commercial messages, and rights of the recipient to stop the emails from being sent. Even the tough penalties can be spelled for the violators.

We collect the email address:

  1. To send the required information, reverting to queries and the questions asked by users.
  2. For processing orders and sending order-related updates.
  3. So we can share additional important information related to the products and services.
  4. To market and maintain relationships with our clients.

We adhere to the following things, in accordance with the CANSPAM, 

  1. The identification of email as an advertisement is due to certain reasons.
  2. Never use misleading or false subjects in emails.
  3. Keeping track of all the email marketing services.
  4. Providing the physical address of our business and site headquarters.
  5. Offer the option to unsubscribe with a link at the end of each email.
  6. Follow as well as accept the opt-out or unsubscribe requests immediately.