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Do you have to urgently send some money, but cannot remember your routing number for Wells Fargo? You need not look any longer, here I have listed routing numbers, states, and districts that can help you resolve your issue. 

But what needs to be kept in mind is that you have different numbers for local and International wire transfers. Once you know what is Wells Fargo’s routing number, you can use it for ACH payments, bank transfers, and deposits.

In this blog, we will talk about what is a routing number and how to find WellsFargo routing numbers online. 

What is a Routing Number?

In a financial transaction, the bank or credit union is identified by its nine-digit routing number. The American Bankers Association created it in 1910 to handle check processing. They can also be referred to as routing transit numbers or ABA routing numbers. 

Routing numbers are now required for many types of banking transactions, including phone payments, and peer-to-peer payments like Venmo, wire transfers, direct deposits, and more.

Larger banks may have multiple routing numbers assigned to them, but smaller banks may only have one.  One of the lengthy series of numbers at the bottom of your checks is your routing number. To set up direct deposit for your paycheck or benefits, you must be aware of this number.

By using the numbers, the likelihood of misunderstandings during money transfer requests is decreased. Thus, despite having similar names, two banks can still be distinguished from one another by their unique routing numbers.

Read ahead to see the list of Wells Fargo bank routing numbers.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers by State or District

It is quite important to know your routing number for Wells Fargo Bank if you wish to make any transfer. 

Here I have listed the Wells Fargo bank routing numbers according to state and district. Run your eyes over the list mentioned below and try to find what is Wells Fargo’s routing number for your state or district.

State or DistrictRouting Number
Arkansas, Texas111900659
California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, American Samoa, North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Forces Abroad121042882
District of Columbia054001220
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico107002192
New York026012881
North Carolina053000219
North Dakota091300010
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas – El Paso112000066

Additional Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Apart from the above-mentioned numbers, there are some significant programs and cards offered by Wells Fargo. You should also be aware of them and their routing numbers so that money transfers are more convenient for you.

Command Asset Program102307164
Wells Fargo EasyPay Card031302777

Wells Fargo Routing Number for Wire Transfer

Are you fully aware of wire transfers? An electronic fund transfer through a network managed by banks and transfer service providers worldwide is called a wire transfer. 

When transferring money electronically, a sending and receiving institution is involved, and the party initiating the transfer must provide certain details, including the recipient’s name and account number.

Are you expecting to receive a wire transfer domestically from your friend or a family member? Confused about what is the Wells Fargo routing numbers for wire transfers? Don’t need to worry, what needs to be noted here is the routing number for Wells Fargo are different for wire transfers.

The number for transfers made within the United States is 121000248.

You will need to supply the following details if you need to send money to someone in the country via wire transfer:

  • Name and address of the recipient (as per their account).
  • The routing number and bank account number of the recipient.

Now, let’s learn about the requirements for international wire transfers in the next section.

Wells Fargo Routing Number for International Wire Transfer

International Wells Fargo routing numbers require more documentation work, and you will be asked for the receiver’s information. In addition, your bank will request a SWIFT CODE from you. The Bank Identifier Code, or BIC code, is another name for a SWIFT code.

The following information about the recipient of the wire transfer must be given to the sender’s bank;

  • Recipient of the wire transfer (full name according to their account information).
  • The name and bank address of the recipient.
  • The account type (checking or savings) and number of the recipient’s bank account.
  • Swift code of the bank of the beneficiary.
  • The amount of money to be wired.
  • The purpose of the money transfer (personal payment, family remittance, salary, export remittance, and so on). 
Wire Transfer BasisNumbers
International Wire Transfer to Wells Fargo account in the US121000248

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers for Line of Credit

Do you know your Wells routing number also depends on your line of credit? Now, you might be wondering what is it exactly. 

With a line of credit, you can get money “on demand” for things like unforeseen auto repairs or house projects. Lenders such as banks and credit unions typically offer lines of credit, which allow you to borrow funds up to a certain amount for a set period if you qualify.

Check the table below to find the routing number for Wells Fargo if you have a line of credit.

650, 651, 654121042882
661, 662, 663321270742
742, 743122101191
748, 768122101191

How Do I Find My Routing Number for Wells Fargo?

If you forgot about your Wells Fargo routing number or don’t remember where you last opened your account, this section of the blog requires your full attention.

There are four ways in which you can find your routing number for Wells Fargo. Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Via Check

Routing Number on Wells Fargo Check

You can use your physical check to locate your Wells Fargo routing number if you want to deposit one. You only need to look at the “bottom-left corner” of your check to locate the number.

Most U.S. banks’ routing numbers are located in the bottom-left corner of checks, followed by account and check numbers. 

Contact Wells Fargo Customer Support

Whether you have lost your Wells routing number or facing any technical issue, it’s best to connect with the Wells Fargo customer support team to resolve your issues.

The following number can be used to contact their customer service team at any time of day, seven days a week: 1-800-869-3557.

Most countries offer their customers a toll-free number for international calls. 

You can try any of the following numbers for the U.S. Virgin Islands:

  • Personal Accounts: 1-800-8693557
  • Business Accounts: 1-800-2255935
  • Online Customer Service: 1-800-9564442 

Click here to obtain the phone numbers and contact details for other nations, along with any applicable calling restrictions.


Toll-free calls cannot be made if the foreign nation from which you are calling is not listed. Kindly dial 775-335-1115, following the nation’s unique phone instructions for calls to the United States. You will be charged for calls at the appropriate rates based on the country and service provider you are using.

Using the Wells Fargo Mobile App

Wells Fargo has an easy-navigating mobile app. One of the easiest and quickest ways to find your Wells Fargo routing number is via their mobile app.

Here, I have summarized the steps you need to follow to locate your routing number.

  • Sign in to your account by filling in your Username and Password.
    Wells Fargo Sign-In Page
  • Choose your savings or checking account within the app.
  • The last four digits of your account number should have appeared at the top of the screen
  • Select the option for the four-digit account.
  • Your Wells Fargo account number and routing number will both show up in a new box

Via Fedwire

Federal Reserve Website

The Federal Reserve (Fed) Banks use Fedwire, a real-time gross settlement system of central bank money, to electronically settle final U.S. dollar payments among member institutions. Trillions of dollars are processed through the system every day, and participants with approved and active accounts are protected by an overdraft mechanism.

The Federal Reserve website is one of the fastest ways to find Wells Fargo routing numbers.

This sums up the four ways in which you can find your routing number for Wells Fargo. The method you use to locate your number is entirely dependent on the urgency of the situation and your free will.

Final Words

Routing number is the crucial thing that distinguishes banks from other banks. It also helps banks to make payments quickly and conveniently. The routing number, like an IP address, serves as a digital identity for credit unions and banks by directing digital systems to the correct organization.

That is the reason you should be aware of your Wells Fargo routing number. And in case, you lose it, finding it is not a big task. The two most recommended methods for obtaining your routing number are to contact Customer Support or to locate it using their mobile app.


Ans: Wells Fargo California routing number is 121042882.

Ans: No, the routing number for Wells Fargo Bank is different for most of the states.

Ans: Wells Fargo Texas routing number is 111900659. 

Ans: It is different for all the states to segregate each bank from one another and to make their identification easier.

Ans: Wells Fargo routing number for New Jersey is 021200025.

Ans: The Arizona Wells Fargo routing number is 122105278.